Tabletop Vacumeermachine LH-260

Tabletop Vacumeermachine LH-400/G

Tabletop vacumeermachines

LH Packaging offers two types of table top vacuum packaging machines that are ideal for domestic use and small businesses with a smaller production output. When space is limited, these compact table top machines are the perfect solution.

With a sealbar of 260 mm or a double sealbar 420mm it’s the ideal solution for the quick and easy packaging of smaller products. The gas flushing processes are pressure-controlled and this guarantee are a reproducible packing quality. The Tabletop machines are easy to operate, clean and maintain.

Mobile Vacumeermachine LH-5002G

Mobile Vacumeermachine LH-460/2G

Mobile vacumeermachines

LH Packaging mobile vacuum packaging machine LH-460 comes with 2 seal bars of 520mm. The ZD vacuum pump has a capacity of 20 m3. It comes with a specially designed vacuum lid hinge for easier lifting.

The Stand Alone Vacuum Packaging Machines can be used in a mobile fashion thanks to their movable floor wheels and allow for fast relocations. They are also suitable for packaging larger products. It’s easy to operate, clean and service. The gas flushing processes to guarantee a reproducible packing quality. Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team if you have any questions about Vacuum Sealing.

Mobile Vacumeermachine LH-600 2G

Mobile Vacumeermachine LH-700/2G

Dubbelkamer vacumeermachines

LH Packaging Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine with a sealer dimension of 600 x 430 mm (x2) or 700 x 500 mm (x2), are equipped with two chambers. While products are being packed in the first chamber, the second chamber can be unloaded and loaded again. This makes the packaging procedure especially efficient.  Our double chamber vacuum packaging machines are durable and made for a high output. Each machine has 4 sealbars and 2 v-shaped vacuum chambers. They are made of 304 stainless steel.

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